The Elephant at the Market – by Daniela & Deepthi

How do you kick off a sunny beautiful weekend? Well, we decided to spend it at ”The Elephant at the Market”. This restaurant is right the heart of Newbury and so the commute to this place is quiet easy. From the outside and the inside it looks modern & classy with a crafty touch to it! Before we even got in, we saw the board with their offer on it ”pizza + drink for just £8.00” and so yes we had pretty much made up our minds on what we wanted to go for really 🙂 .


We started off with a kale and asparagus Caesar salad with toasted pumpkins,soft boiled egg & brown butter croutons with charred grilled salmon fillet. Till date, all the restaurants we have tried salmon at, they have all served it with skin on top, and to be honest not being a fan of its crispy skin we were very happy to see that The Elephant served it without the same! Touché, it is the little things that make you happy really! It was dressed beautifully and every ingredient went hand in hand 🙂 . Oh,also salmon and wine are a good combination 😉 !


For the next round we went for their specialty, crispy sourdough pizzas cooked in wood fired oven! The toppings of the first were spicy chilli chicken, red onions, garlic, red chilli, peppadew peppers & goat’s cheese. By the sound of it, guess you would have figured that it might have been spicy, and so yes it was really spicy but spicy in a good way. The body can take a bit of spiciness once in while 😉 can’t it ?! Chicken was cooked to perfection and the goat cheese would simply melt in your mouth.


The toppings for the second one were salami pepperoni, peppadew peppers, green chillies & jalapeños. Jalapeños & green chillies are not bad together but for us it just felt a bit out of place, or if it was just the jalapeños on its own that would do too. But overall we loved the taste, come on the taste of a wood fired oven pizza cooked at 350 degrees can never be bad.

We even have the choice to go watch the pizza being made at The Elephant, which we will certainly be making a video of for our readers next time 🙂 .


Annndddd… how do you end this perfect sunny evening, of course with a dessert! Due to the food being a bit heavy on our tummies ( 😉 ) we went for something we could both share. Chocolate brownie, rice krispie shard & caramel ice cream. Personally we loved the way it looked so much that we didn’t want to eat it, but you don’t say no to a brownie. We could eat anything with chocolate all day and not get tired of it, and it was the same feeling after finishing off this yummy dessert within 5 mins.

So did we go for another round? Nah we decided maybe next time.

We will be back here certainly, simply because we love it 🙂 🙂 🙂 .



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  1. Nice photos shared.

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  2. Advika says:

    yum.. yum.. PIZZA . i love them.

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