One day in Chiswick – by Daniela

I often miss calling London ‘home’- although only 30 minutes away, Reading is not quite the same. For old time sake, I’m putting pen on paper and recreating my ideal weekend pastime in Chiswick.

A good Saturday morning would start with a milky coffee at ‘Artisan’ – a trendy coffee shop that also serves sandwiches and cakes. I’d have to get there quite early, since it tends to get crowded; from funky people absorbed in their Macs to families with (very) young kids, sometimes I needed to be lucky to catch a free spot. My favourite one would at the bar-like table facing the window, with a nice book or magazine at hand.

For brunch, I would pick ‘Le Pain Quotidien’. I’m a sucker for a good scramble and smoked salmon and they serve just that, with tasty toast and well-dressed salad. Their menu is far longer than that (they have everything from authentic croissants, yogurt, soups, salads and much more) – but I have the habit of always going for the same if I love the dish. In case you didn’t find a spot in ‘Artisan’, they serve generous coffee mugs here too (too generous I might say) especially since they have no handles, making it a bit tricky at start. In summer, I would be on the terrace, but I don’t mind the interior either – especially since it’s really spacey and welcoming.

French Bakery

Last stop, would be ‘The Cabin’ for late diner. Better book in advance, since the spot is quite popular. They cover everything from steaks and ribs, to fish, salad and lobster. Although my pick was always the salmon or sea-bass – I was utterly impressed by the ribs being served here. My friends kept coming back for them – so they vow that they are really tasty. They look like dinosaur ribs if you ask me, the beef ones are huge!

Chiswich Cow

Of course, I don’t recommend you to try all three places in one day. Enjoy each at a time and better complete the day with some shopping, that’s what I’d do!



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