Sally Lunn’s Buns – by Daniela

While wondering through the many small labyrinth-like streets of central Bath, my eyes fell on one of the old houses, not because of its style, but because of the large queue that was forming outside. People were waiting for a table and I was curious what this place was selling. The first thing I noticed was the inscription on one of the walls indicating that this was the oldest house in Bath, built in 1482 and that Sally Lunn lived there.IMG_0101 A quick Google search revealed that Sally Lunn was a French young refugee, who brought her baking skills from France and created this local Bath specialty which is a combination of bun, cake and bread. It is said that the recipe is still only known in this tea-house and that people have tried to replicate it throughout centuries with no success.

It is definitely something that I need to taste during my next visit to Bath. I’ll try to come here on an empty stomach since the buns have a generous size and people inside were enjoying them with butter and all sort of sweet additions. They have savoury versions as well.


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  1. Hi Daniela, you photos are so professional! the buns and the setting made me salivate 😄

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

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