Pulteney Bridge Restaurant – by Daniela

I took my camera for a first spin and choose Bath and the long bank holiday for it. Looks like many people had the same idea since the city was buzzing with travelers like me. Captivated by the beautiful architecture and the “click-click” sound of my new camera I completely missed the classic lunch time and food only came to mind after 3 PM.

It took me a while to decide what to eat – there were too many restaurants to pick from. After carefully reading the menus of several places near-by the historic city centre, I decided for a small Italian restaurant which tempted me with the fish dishes. Unfortunately, the kitchen was closed – something I had not considered. The same happened in quite a few other places, lunch being served only until 3 o’clock.

Almost on panic mode, trying to avoid the little café and cake places (which were lovely and still open) – I found another Italian cuisine restaurant just before losing all hope. They had a choice of a fixed lunch menu and à la carte.

I went for the Salmon Nicoise salad and a glass of Pinot Grigio. I didn’t have to wait too long until both arrived and I was surprised from the start by the very generous portion. Both the salad (which had my favourite baby spinach rather than lettuce) and the salmon on top were well worth the price and it left me wondering what the other mains look like if the salad is so filling. The salmon was crispy but still very tender; the salad had a very balanced dressing and the mixture of tomatoes, olives, green beans and spring potatoes was delicious.

Needless to say, I could not try the deserts too, although the ones that were served at the table next to me looked very tempting.

It is a great pick for a hungry traveler!



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